What Is A Sinking Fund?

What Is A Sinking Fund? 5 Essential Reasons You Need One

What is a sinking fund? A sinking fund is simply a strategic way of putting money aside each month. They work like this: you save as much as you want for a given period of time and for a specific purpose before you spend that money on a one time or irregular predetermined expense.

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How To Achieve Financial Freedom

How To Achieve Financial Freedom in 2021

How to achieve financial freedom: begin with creating a plan, change your mindset about money, save as much as you can, learn how to manage money, invest, live within your means, pay off debt, make a budget, create a side hustle and develop a habit of tracking your spending.

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How To Save More Money

28 Money Saving Tips: How To Save More Money

There are many money saving tips that help you to save more money. They include, automating your savings, track your spending, save your change, try the money saving challenges, use the cash envelope system, contribute more towards your retirement, implement the 24-hour rule and so much more.

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Tips To Save Money

25 Easy To Follow Tips To Save Money When Broke

These tips to save money will help you when broke: Keep track of your monthly expenses, lower you cell phone bill, buy generic brands, save your change, pay yourself first, remove temptation, use cash for payments, eliminate cable and so much more.

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